Psycho-social Well-being in Development using
Arts Based Therapy

Bapu Trust, the organization hosting the BT-ABT course, has learnt much in the last 2 years of teaching the integrated ABT course, under the supervision of WCCLF. We noticed that many applicants came to ABT course with a personal need first, and then a deeply felt aspiration to be of use in supporting others. Importantly, we noticed the vital, often critical, support of the Subtle Energy Guide (SEG). SEG not only grounded the course participants and their lives, but also laid a strong foundation of values on which to build their ABT practice, and a generous opening of the heart to support the groups they served.

Bapu Trust has been touched by the lives of both our students as well as the groups served by them, in those tiny and sweeping changes seen, from the felt despair of entrapment and deep-freeze, to experiences of joy, hope, resilience, the acceptance of life and its truths. ABT showed us, both in the teaching and the learning, how really far we can go in connecting and communicating with persons who may seem inchoate and incomprehensible; and how precious those moments of connection are. ABT is unsurpassable and takes a front seat in the scenario of "Alternative and augmentative communication"- (that is, how to say when all words fail) - within the disability and human rights discourse. Arts touch and transform everybody, even those who may have sensory impairments; We are grateful to our students and the communities sincerely served by them for bringing this to our notice.

Grateful to WCCLF, Bapu Trust aspires to continue the teaching program in the years to come, wishing only to be mindful and alert to all needs of all persons with disabilities and marginalization; and building our own capacity and resilience for the humble task ahead.

Origins of ABT

"ABT is primarily an art form, practised scientifically and based on the Subtle Energy Guide (SEG), organized and consistently practiced by the World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation [WCCL Foundation] since 2001."

WCCL Foundation invented an integrated way of using all arts for healing, filled by the values and practices of the SEG. WCCLF has over the last decades, trained over 250+ students in ABT, to be able to work in a number of Disability and Development areas, including de-addiction, autism spectrum, children and women at risk, persons, especially children, with mental and multiple disabilities, mental health, palliative care, cancer care, dementias, Parkinson's, etc. WCCLF has also created an evidence base of the day to day effectiveness of ABT in diverse settings among a diversity of people with needs.

Faculty of the course, who are ABT practitioners, are additionally trained as ABT educators with the WCCLF permission to teach. Bapu Trust, among other organizations, is honoured to carry on the tradition of integrated arts based therapy, under the tutelage of WCCLF (